Two Thumbs Up Sushi in Denver

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Well we have to say since Ken took this place over as new owner in March (one month) they are fabulously delicious! Conveniently located with everything around including King Soopers.. And yes ignore all other reviews for sure!!
So anywho we ordered edemame and two Miso soups. Omg the best Miso we ever tasted! Nicely done with a nice finish of shaved Shatake mushrooms floating on top. Just those touches makes it so flavorful! Then the sushi : I tried the special “Sakura” roll. It had King crab meat, yellowtail and salmon with a tri color of tobiko! Mmm good. Then we also had dragon roll. One of my all time favorites with eel and avo!! Such a creamy texture and delight to the tastebuds. That was for starters.. Then we had two more rolls. A Spider Roll & Salmon skin! Now those were great too! Nice presentation on one plate. The Salmon skin was not too fishy but just the right amount of salty and crunchy… Nom Nom! The Spider Roll was perfect with a fresh piece of young romaine inside was a nice touch too!! All kinds of surprises. We got to talking with Ken and the other Sushi chef. We told them we come from Seattle and eat sushi a lot. They are truly nice guys. The waitress name was Nina I think and was attentive. She did hand is the wrong bill but that got straightened out right away. Their prices are spot on. Sashimi a bit more spendy but we saw them slice up some fresh tuna in sushi style chunks and if that is always fresh like that .. No problem. He also let us taste his special made Salmon Roe!! Wowee not fishy AT ALL!! Secret spy recipe fur sur ‼So we are at the end of our visit and Nina brought us out some fresh made Mochi ice cream compliments of the owner! Wow one was Mango (2 half slices) and the other was vanilla (2 half slices )..and let me tell you..WHAT A FINISH!! Soooo good and gracious too. We will be back next time in town!! Thanx again for the lovely lunch.
By Rene D from Seattle on Yelp.

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